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Woodwind Tuition with Julia Middleton

What Pupils Say...

Paddy, aged 9, South Oxon, April 2018

I have been having lessons with Julia for only four months but in that time she has helped me improve my technique hugely and is always very encouraging. I really enjoy learning to improvise with her and my mum and I have both noticed a massive improvement in my playing and tone. I started lessons at school but found I'd got in a rut as I couldn't manage the upper register with my technique as it was.

With Julia's expert help those high notes are so much easier!!

James, retired medic, Oxford, April 2018

Julia is an excellent teacher in all respects. I would say her teaching is calm, measured, careful, thoughtful and clear. Essentially Julia is a both a very good musician and teacher (the two don't necessarily go together!). She is very good at understanding the difficulties and problems in learning an instrument, and explaining and demonstrating how to overcome them. I've had a number of teachers over the years but Julia is the best.

Tina, adult pupil, Oxford, April 2018

Julia is a very encouraging teacher and gives clear advice. The lessons are varied and interesting, and I always learn something new and go away with something to improve! With her guidance, I feel I'm making good progress and am really enjoying learning to play.

JCN, adult pupil, Oxford, April 2018

My lessons with Julia are always the highlight of the week. A generous teacher, she meets you where you are and guides you beyond it!

David, retired dentist, Duns Tew, April 2018

I am an adult pupil of Julia's and having retired I wanted to play the tenor sax. Julia is encouraging and challenging; she expects you to work hard and it shows in the results. She is refreshingly honest with her feedback and wonderfully clear in her teaching. I really enjoy my lessons and I'm playing better that I thought I would after just one year. My wife is an experienced oboe player and even she now says I sound good! Result!!